Go and Get Fit

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Hey guys, I'm Chelsey and it's lovely to meet you :) I'm 20 years old and currently stumbling my way through college drinking way too much coffee, and spending most of my time at the gym. I'm also REALLY tall for real I'm 6'3(75 inches) to be exact. It's neat sometimes.
SW: 250 HW: 257 GW:175 UGW:170

GW:243GW:237GW: 235GW: 233GW: 230GW: 227 GW:225 GW: 223 GW: 220 GW:217 GW: 215 GW:213 GW: 210 GW:207 GW:205 GW:203 GW: 200 GW:197 GW:195 GW:193 GW:190 GW: 187 GW: 185 GW:180 GW:175 or whatever man I just wanna run 4 miles

The new Fall Out Boy album is A++++ running material.

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